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How to Turn on Windows 8 Defender

Until Windows 8, Windows Defender protected against spyware only. Now, it also takes on viruses and other breeds of malware. The new Defender looks and feels nearly identical to the company’s free downloadable AV suite, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). An interesting thing is that MSE does not run on Windows 8, underscoring the fact that the new Defender and MSE are also functionally quite similar.

Like every new Windows release, Windows 8 is more secure than the operating systems that earlier. That’s due in large part to three major enhancements: An increased emphasis on UEFI Secure Boot optimizations, the extension of the Smart Screen Filter across the operating system, and the default inclusion of a more robust version of Windows Defender, which now protects against all kinds of malware—not just spyware.

Microsoft has said that Windows Defender on Windows 8 provides an acceptable minimum level of protection, and that it will disable itself automatically if another antivirus suite is installed (such as a Norton , McAfee, or Kaspersky suite, for example). As it is seen, this is essentially the same as saying that it would be best to have a full-fledged third-party suite aboard, but that Windows Defender will also keep you covered to an extent.

Windows 8 doesn’t automatically reactivate Windows Defender by default. In other words, your pretty new prepackaged PC is wide open and vulnerable to all the nasty of the Net. So, you need to activate or turn on windows 8 defender yourself.

Fortunately, activating Windows 8 Defender is a snap.

Let’s learn How to Turn on Defender in Windows 8 OS

Step 1:  Go to the Control Panel Window and View it by Large Icons.

turn on windows 8 defender

turn on defender in windows 8


Step 2: You will now see the Windows Defender. Click on it.

enable windows 8 defender


Step 3:After the Windows Defender window appears, you will see many scary red tones alongside an “At risk” warning. This means that your Windows Defender is not activated.

enable defender in windows 8


Step 4: Now, click on the Settings tab at the top of the window. Then, select “Real-time protection” in the left pane.

activate windows 8 defender

Step 5: Then check the box next to “Turn on real-time protection (recommended).

activate defender  in windows 8


Step 6: Finally, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window.

You’ll know it worked when the terrifying red “At risk” bar at the top of the Windows turns a much more soothing shade of green and switches to “PC Status: Protected.

 Check for existing leaks:

You’re not quite done yet. Now it’s time to make sure your PC is actually malware-free!

Step 7: Click the Update tab, and then click on the big Update button in the middle of the Window to download the latest malware definitions Microsoft has on file.

turn on windows 8 defender

Step 8: Next, open the Home tab and select the “Full” radio button in the Scan Options list. All you have to do now is click Scan Now, then sit back and wait while Windows Defender checks the nooks and crannies of your PC for any hidden baddies. Grab a cup of coffee; it may take some time. While you’re waiting, we recommend checking out your Windows 8 antivirus options.

enable windows 8 defender


Hey, Congrats, you are done with this. Now you have successfully Turn on Windows 8 Defender in your PC. Your PC is protected, secure, safe whatever you called. This is what most of us requires while running our PC specially with internet connection.

So, get your PC protected fast and stay away from any nasty virus. Do share this post with your friends so they also can learn how to enable or turn on Defender in machine running windows 8 operating system.


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